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Oneberry Home Trust

En(in)suring the security & safety of your family and home.

The Oneberry home trust is a reliable and trustworthy service to ensure the security and safety of your family and home. From perimeter security, to visitor management to overseeing repair and installation work, we streamline all vendor and service providers you have to work with and attend to matters of your home.

We don’t just help you run errands. We’re your partners in helping ensure that the assets dear to you are protected and well taken care of.

Unlike insurance which is reactive after something happens, we proactive ensure that everything is taken care of before it happens. Backed by the Oneberry command centre, we are at service 24/7 during emergencies.

Our goal is to give you peace of mind at home, so that you concentrate your time on your work, your career, enjoy your precious family time and your holidays, with no worries.

We protect the assets you hold dear to you the most.

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Some of our home trust services include:


Proactive remote monitoring

Prevention of home intrusion
or break in

Contractor supervision


Electricity trip

Flooding of basement,
leakage, pipe burst

Fallen trees

Cleanliness & Organisation


Mosquito breeding checks

Rodents & Pests checks



Appliance repair

Welfare of elderly & children

Making the home elderly
& child friendly

Checking of Fire hazard

Events Planning

Organizing home parties & events

Coordination & engaging of vendors

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