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Mobile Power UME2400

Mobile Plug & Play Power Solution

The UME2400 incorporates reliable and proven SFC EFOY Pro fuel cell technology to provide the most energy density unit which can produce 2.4kWh per day to power variety of equipment in any critical situation.

It provides power and network connections through standard interfaces:
- 12 VDC - USB Charger - 230VAC - Camera Pole Connector - LAN connection

The UME2400 works on fuel cartridges which can run for days and weeks autonomously.

Innovative features
  • Standard power connection
  • Integrated with EFOY Pro Fuel Cell Generator
  • Rugged and on-wheel Pelicase for easy transportation
  • Mobile Plug & Play
Key uses and applications
  • Security & surveillance
  • Rapid deployment
  • Government vehicles
  • Mobile command centre
  • Covert operations
  • Deployment in critical and remote areas

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