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Security Information Management System (SIMS)

Recognising the rising costs of manpower and the typically cumbersome job scope of security guards, Oneberry designed a system which would improve security processes and enhance the quality of security while helping companies reduce their operational costs.

The Oneberry Security Information Management System in Singapore is a total security management solution where security processes are fully automated, recording and reporting is effortless and efficient, and software is customizable and adaptable to suit every client's needs.

Security Information Management System

Improves Efficiency: Eliminates the need for tedious and manual recording of day to day activities by security officers

Enhancement of security levels: Allows security personnel to be more aware of the environment and security threats, rather than being bogged down with the cumbersome recording of events

Improves productivity & cost effectiveness:Less staff required at each site due to reduction of job scope of security personnel; saving on manpower.

Real time reports: Allows for comprehensive recording & reporting and thus enabling management to generate comprehensive reports and the ability to retrieve information anytime, remotely

Easy to adopt:System is simple, easy to use and to integrate with the current system. Only requires 2 hours of training for security personnel

Going green: A paperless solution with unlimited capacity of stored date

A total security management solution, which can be customized to your facility’s needs and handle/monitor the following:

  • Visitor and Contractor Management
  • Occurrence & Daily Activity
  • Vehicle Movement
  • Key Management
  • Staff Attendance
  • Incident Reporting
  • Shift & Staff Deployment
  • Events & Communication
  • Roll Call In Crisis
  • Guard Tour Reports
  • Virtual Guardhouse
  • Crisis Management
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