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Oneberry Virtual Guard™ System

Innovative, Manpower Saving Solution

The Oneberry Virtual Guard™ System is a proactive security solution encompassing live surveillance and remote monitoring with intrusion detection. Our CCTV remote monitoring setup, available in Singapore, provides a combination of hardware and software solutions, including MOBOTIX IP cameras, customized for our clients according to their requirements.

We ensure that premises, site perimeter, assets, properties and critical infrastructure protection is made easy, effective and affordable; providing the most reliable and cost-effective decentralized solution available for businesses, facilities and localities. Our hi-res ip network camera, which is now available for you in Singapore, allows our clients to increase their productivity and save on manpower.

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Oneberry Command Center

Our Virtual Guard™ System is supported by our command center - fully equipped with the latest sophisticated technology in surveillance monitoring and capable of monitoring a large number of remote sites, real time. It operates 24/7 and is staffed by qualified operators, trained in crisis management and response.

  • Increases productivity and saves on manpower
  • Increases safety of overall environment
  • Deters potential crimes and theft
  • Increases silent hours safety
  • Tracks object and people movement
  • Cost-effective supplement with traditional security guards
  • Continual physical and property management
  • Enhancing productivity and efficiency of security guards
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